“Hands down he is the best attorney in Seminole County. He pays very close attention to details, and he knew for a fact that I was innocent. I loved working with him. I will recommend him to anyone. Great job.” Corissa J.

“Attorney Mike Panella successfully represented us on a battery charge, which was truly a self-defense matter. When he took our case he told us what to do, step by step. He totally believed in us, and went to the fullest extent. Attorney Mike Panella is passionate about his job, confident, and totally cares about the people he represents, and we recommend him to anyone.” Steven A.

“Mike Panella defended me in a serious criminal traffic case in Brevard County. As a direct result of his diligence, intellect, and factual representation of the particulars of the case, I was subsequently acquitted by a jury of my peers. I would highly recommend Mike Panella to anyone seeking justice as a criminal defendant.” Marcus G.

"I am so grateful that I had Mr. Panella defending me. Mr. Panella went above and beyond to help me maintain my innocence. I was wrongfully accused of having falsifying a police report and prostitution. He stood by me, and fought for me all the way until the end. From the first day we worked together he never made me feel anything buy comfortable. I had one person who was on my side; never saying to me like other people: that they thought I was guilty. For that I'm honored to know him and to have had him to fight for me. Thanks to Mr. Panella for doing everything you did for me, and finally in the end getting all the charges against me dismissed." Nicole L.

"Mike helped me through a really rough patch in my life. He was there for me in my time of need, and always answered the phone for me when I needed him. He got me exactly what I wanted in the court room. He is the lawyer you need!" Michael S.

"Mike is super passionate about his clients and the law. He is willing to go the extra mile and is highly recommended!" Lauren D.

"Trust me... you want this guy. Smart, confident, tenacious, and motivated." Mark R.

"He provides absolutely great legal service. Knowledgeable. Efficient. Passionate." Nathan N.

"Integrity and dedication to clients is the absolute goal of this firm." Sam A.

"Mike is a man of high integrity and knows what he is doing." Steve D.