Criminal Defense Lawyer

Mike Panella understands that being accused of a criminal offense is a devastating, and life-altering event. He recognizes that your matter is serious, and important, and approaches each case with diligence, compassion, and drive.

Every case is unique, and Panella Law Firm will examine all aspects to determine the best strategy for you. Sometimes, the state's case against you may be substantially weakened, or dismissed altogether, through pre-trial preparation. For Mike Panella, this means thoroughly examining every aspect of police conduct and the state's evidence to determine if it is subject to attack through pre-trial motion practice. This may include filing motions to suppress, motions to dismiss, or other pretrial motions aimed at illegal or improper conduct by state actors, or the insufficiency of the evidence. Pre-trial preparation also means investigation into the persons, places, and things surrounding the alleged criminal conduct. This is accomplished, in part, through speaking with witnesses, surveying crime scenes, and gathering additional evidence the state may not have. This strategy tends to have a drastic effect on violent crime cases that involve self-defense, as well as Domestic Violence matters and serious assault and battery charges.

Every case must be evaluated for the legal "nuances" that each factual scenario presents. These issues must be mastered to have an effective strategy to prevail at trial. If your case requires a trial, Panella Law Firm is ready to fight all the way to the end.

Whatever you are charged with, from petit theft to homicide, Panella Law Firm is ready to address your matter with dedication as if your life depends on it. Because, in many ways, it does.

A note on self-defense: Murder, attempted murder, and manslaughter charges are amongst the most serious criminal offenses a person can face. Mr. Panella has dedicated much of his career to dealing with these cases, and is well versed in issues of self-defense, "stand your ground," and other legal defenses arising out of these events. Mr. Panella has been a guest law school lecturer on Florida's Justifiable Use of Force laws, and was a member of the small defense team in the nationally recognized State v. George Zimmerman case. If you think you may be entitled to this defense, call Panella Law Firm to discuss your case.