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DUI is one of the most destructive charges a person can face, and yet is one of the most common causes of arrest in Florida. DUI is also unique in that many of the people charged with this crime are first time offenders, who did not recognize their actions constituted a criminal offense. In fact, in Florida, you can receive a DUI even if you are not driving a vehicle. This phenomenon is defined as “actual physical control,” meaning that an officer can arrest you if your “normal faculties” are impaired while you are in a position to render a vehicle readily operable.

Even simple DUI carries enhanced statutory penalties that distinguish this offense from other misdemeanors. Some of the penalties may include: jail time, probation, heavy fines, driver license suspension, ignition interlock, substance evaluation classes and follow up treatment, and other sanctions.

DUI law in Florida is also complex, as the offense is “enhanceable,” meaning the charge becomes progressively more serious if you have had a DUI in the past. Beyond that, if someone is injured or killed as a result of your case, you will likely face felony DUI charges, which carry significantly more serious penalties. Criminal charges can strongly impact your future, which is why you should turn to our skilled defense lawyers.

There are many defenses to the charge of Driving Under the Influence. If you have been arrested for any level of DUI, it is imperative that you speak to an experienced Orlando DUI lawyer immediately. Call Panella Law Firm now to discuss your case.

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”I hired Mr Panella about a year ago (November 2020) for a DUI case of a family member that was in the Country and then had to leave. Even though Mr Panella client wasn’t present he did not abandoned the case. He stayed on top of it the entire time communicating with me and doing everything on his power to finish the case and do the best for his client. He called me after hours and even on the weekend , no matter what day of time he was doing his job. He was always friendly and willing to do whatever it took to help us. I can honestly say that he went way and beyond his duty as a Lawyer to finish the case in a way that was satisfying to my family . I Highly recommend him!!!!” – Ivoneth Gibbs (Google Review)

Attorney Mike Panella

For Mike Panella, the concept of zealous advocacy developed at an early age – fueled by what he perceived to be an unjust resolution in a personal family legal matter. Mr. Panella would later attribute his passion to defend the rights of those who stand accused to those inequities in the legal system he observed, and considered unjust. Before opening Panella Law Firm, Mr. Panella served as an Assistant Public Defender for Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit Public Defender’s Office and worked hundreds of cases in both Brevard and Seminole Counties. Mr. Panella was undefeated at trial. [ Attorney Bio ]

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