Terms like false imprisonment, human trafficking and kidnapping conjure up images of abducting someone off the street, locking someone in a hidden room or selling human beings on the black market. While these crimes sometimes look like that, personal liberty crimes can be much more commonplace. Simply preventing someone from leaving a building when they want to can get you charged with false imprisonment in Orlando, Florida and throughout the state.

If you've been charged with a personal liberty crime, seek the help of experienced legal counsel right away. Call Panella Law Firm to set up a consultation.

Even simple acts have serious consequences

The definition of stalking may be less clear to the average person since the advent of social media, but the sentences are no less severe for those convicted of any type of stalking or personal liberty crime. Panella Law Firm handles charges of...

  • False imprisonment: This includes locking an individual in an enclosed space or preventing their free movement.
  • Kidnapping: Restraining, abducting or imprisoning a person to secure a ransom or cause them harm is considered kidnapping under Florida law.
  • Human trafficking: Aiding- directly or indirectly- in the coercion of a person to provide labor or sexual services is human trafficking.

Writing threatening emails and releasing "revenge porn" are also criminal acts. The legal system in Orlando, FL doesn't take personal liberty crimes lightly, and neither should you. Call our office today to retain an experienced defense attorney.