Our Client Testimonials

Our Client Testimonials


Imagine being woke up @ 6am by a team of trigger-happy County Sheriffs and U.S. Marshals banging the butts of their guns on your door. Once you open the door, there are 8 assault rifles pointing at your chest. You’re placed into handcuffs and are now being charged with heinous crimes that carry a potential LIFE sentence. It’s a nightmare situation for most people, especially for those who aren’t expecting it. Life changes in an instant. Not just for you, but for those around you too. This is not my first rodeo with the police – I do as they say, and I do so with my mouth shut after politely invoking my right to remain silent. In my opinion The Panella Law Firm in Orlando, Florida, is an upper-tier legal firm that provides exceptional legal representation to clients in need. Led by Michael Panella the firm is known for its commitment to excellence and dedication to defending the innocent. Mike Panella is an amazing attorney with extensive experience in the legal field. Mike has a unique perspective the legal system and how to develop amazingly effective strategies. Mike provided me with the best legal representation and always went above and beyond to ensure my success. His polite but aggressive approach in the courtroom and unwavering commitment to justice make him a formidable opponent. Something that I didn’t realize until the 2nd to last court appearance was that Mike didn’t sit on the side with the other “defense” attorneys – he sidled up to the prosecutor and chatted him up. Never noticed any other attorneys doing that. He’s relentless and refuses to accept NO as an answer. My case, which was in Fort Pierce, Florida, is about 100 miles away from their offices. Mike and Huda’s dedication was evident from the beginning. Despite the distance from Orlando, they worked tirelessly to provide me with the support and guidance I needed in-person. Their attention to detail and thorough preparation ensured that I received the best possible outcome each appearance. I felt bad that Mike and/or Huda had to travel for 2-3 hours for a 20 second court appearance. I should add that during my relationship with The Panella Law firm, Mike and Huda represented me in a family court case (stemming from the above criminal charges) and a business civil case in NYC. It’s like I was the (un)lucky winner of the “legal trifecta” – Criminal Case, Family Court Case, and a Civil case ALL at the same time. Mike and Huda made sure my rights were protected 100% of the time. Huda Saleh is a standout member of the Panella Law Firm. Huda is a compassionate and determined attorney. Her fiery attitude and unwavering commitment to justice make her an asset to the firm. Huda has an eye for detail and is quick to find things others miss. She’s friendly, she cares, she’s sharp, and has a bit of a FAFO attitude when she’s lasered-in on something. She has an in-depth understanding of Family Court & Criminal Law. In addition to their legal expertise, The Panella Law Firm provided exceptional customer service. They understood that my legal issues were stressful and overwhelming. They went above and beyond to provide me with the support and guidance I needed. They did this a lot. I had a lot of “WTF is happening” moments during the 2 years the case was going on for. They are responsive, professional, and were always available to answer my questions and provide updates on the progress of each case. I can recall several 11pm conference calls to discuss the case(s) and a couple of 2-3am text message sessions as well when I had questions. Calls/texts always promptly returned. Overall, I would highly recommend The Panella Law Firm to anyone in need of legal representation. Their commitment to excellence and dedication to defending the innocent is unparalleled. This should be your first stop for legal representation. Mike and Huda protected my rights, and they’ll do the same for you.

— Tony, ★★★★★

Mike is not only talented for his understanding of the law, but he is also a prudent strategist. He thinks ahead and is always prepared for any scenario that comes your way! He got me the exact results I was looking for in my case and I could not be more happy with choosing Mike to represent me!

— Anonymous, ★★★★★

I was referred to Mr Panella due to his amazing track record and case history. I had a difficult set of felony charges against me. With a definite turn to jail time. With his resources and knowledge Mr Panella arranged a full dismissal of the charges and will be arranging the expungement of the whole situation. He was very profesional, clear and quick to communicate anything to do with my case. He also wrote letters on my behalf to employers explaining the case in detail and the proposed outcome. He was diligent and organized through the whole process. When you need a criminal attorney Mr Panella is more than capable for your needs. Highly recommend his services.

— Anonymous, ★★★★★

I recently hired Panella law firm, my husband and I could not have been happier. Not only did they see us right away, they accommodated my children and came to us. They had our case resolved within one week. Amazing. We had called over 10 other law firms and were basically lead to believe we had our backs against the wall. No, you don’t, if you don’t hire them to fight for you, you’re making a huge mistake. Thank you so much for everything.

— Thanks from Kris and Felicia, ★★★★★

Michael Panella is a fantastic, compassionate & knowledgeable lawyer. He’s in your corner fighting for you like a bulldog. Though I hope to never need his services again, I would not hesitate to do so if the need arises. I would also definitely recommend him to any who would require his services. Thank you Michael for all that you did for me.

— Keith, ★★★★★

Working with Panella Law Firm has been such a revealing experience. Their presence was felt the entirety of my case and they were extremely informative and proactive with getting me the results I desired.

Although we should all be a continuious evolution, everyone has a past and everyone makes mistakes. I’ve had representation for these mistakes and initial representation for my most recent case. In each situation, I felt as if the money was the primary goal. I didn’t feel as if communication was of importance, and with how expensive a “good attorney” cost, communication should be the last of my worries.

I finally understand what good representation feels like. The price was reasonable and Panella Law Firm worked with me so it didn’t kill my pockets either. The words and appreciation I have for them cannot be articulated, because they exhausted all resources to assure I would be present for the birth and growth of my daughter.

I would like to thank Mike and Huda for not only representing me and getting me the result I needed, but making me feel like family. They never viewed me in any other way except human.

I would recommend Panella Law Firm to every and anyone who needs representation.


— Bertrum, ★★★★★

Panella Law Firm has done a great job for me, Huda worked tirelessly to prepare for my case and that hard work resulted in a positive outcome. Definitely consider this firm if you need representation.

— Tracy, ★★★★★

I’ll start by saying I had a hellish time with 3 other firms. I needed to retrieve 20 year old arrest records, court paper work etc. I got on the phone Marisa answered and immediately felt like someone cared. From the very beginning and throughout she seemed determined to help and ultimately got the job done where other firms failed. Marisa is a huge asset for any company, she has a bright future and you are lucky to have her as a part of your team. Thank you so much Marisa.

— Stephan, ★★★★★

I would recommend mike Panella law firm to anyone he is a wonderful attorney he fought and argue and he made it right he got to his point great attorney I give him 10 stars thank you very much for the wonderful job you did for my son I really appreciated it.

— Simi, ★★★★★

Mike is Awesome he’s one of the most nicest guys I’ve ever met he was right on time twice for me I have so much to say he’s humble kind just a down to earth generous person he goes above and beyond for anyone that lets him represent them I live in Brevard county and I met with 5 different attorney’s before I met Mike and I’m glad I chose him I’m glad I was patient and waited and took my time getting someone to take the stress off me and Mike is the reason I can sleep at night if you want a strong dependable down to earth attorney Mike Panella is your Man thanks Panella Law firm I wish I can give you 100 stars great team.

— Laveka, ★★★★★

Michael Panella is by far the best representation you can have. He not only speaks to every client personally, but he sees every case as a personal vendetta. He is an outstanding human being and an amazing lawyer. He treats his clients as family and is willing to fight till the end with no intent in giving up, till justice is served. I am very happy with my decision in having Panella Law Firm represent me, and will continue to use their services. I am a forever client!

— Roger, ★★★★★

This firm is MY GODSEND DREAM TEAM! I was involved in the most devastatingly tragic accident one could imagine. My world became a roller coaster over the next few months with continuance after continuance. No effort from the lawyer I trusted with my life. Let down after let down! At my next hearing, as I was waiting for my case to be called, another defendant was called and he approached with his lawyer. My friend and I watched as this confident, well prepared, pit bull like lawyer represented the defendant by sternly, yet gracefully handing the prosecutor his a$$! We knew in that moment that I NEEDED THAT GUY! That guy was MICHAEL PANELLA! As he walked out, I asked for his card. I did research on him and called the next day.

He said, “Olivia, I have an entire team conferenced in on this call for you. We spoke till 1 AM, almost 4 hours! That was my 2nd interaction with Mike and his team and I knew, without a doubt, that this was who I needed if I was going to have a chance to get my life back. At my next court date Mike was there TO REPRESENT ME! That was the first time I stood before the judge confidently, I knew I wasn’t alone anymore and I had a Godsend team of warriors that had my back! It was the first time in 9 months that I was able to take a deep breath. It was the first time I had hope. I no longer felt helpless and railroaded by powerful, unlawful, agenda running authority figures! A PRICELESS FEELING! They’ve fully proved that they’ll do whatever is necessary to get you the best possible outcome! They’ve continued to amaze me with their dedication, prudence and all around determination to unbury me!

— Olivia, ★★★★★

After speaking with Huda and Mike for the first time I knew I was in good hands. He made me feel comfortable and explained everything that was happening with my case and all the possibilities. They answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease. I appreciated how easy it was to text or email him with any questions. He is a very genuine, kind, honest, hardworking, and compassionate attorney. He was able to get my cased dismissed. It is evident that he is very knowledgeable and has a passion to serve and help others. Mike is truly a blessing. You certainly want him and his team to represent you.

— Joseph, ★★★★★

Mike is not only a really great guy, but he did what he said he could do!! Love this attorney!!!

— Vicki, ★★★★★

What can I truly say about Mr. Mike Panella. I thank God for a man that believes and trusts in God. Mr. Panella was awesome in my son case. He walked and talked us through everything. He researched my son case and got the TRUTH. He encouraged my son along the way. We were very comfortable with the representation of Panella Law Firm. As we were about to walk out the door, we received a call from Mr. Mike. He told us that the case had been dismissed and there was no need to come to pre-trial court and that no further court dates will be made. I have to tell you, I called my parents, sister and friends and I told them THAT JESUS HAD WON AGAIN. I will never forget the kindness and patience that was showed to my family is such a terrible time in our lives. Thank God for Mr. Mike Panella and his associates.

— Inez, ★★★★★

Amazing work!!! This lawyer is God Fearing, and fights for you! Him and his assistant Attorney Huda are an amazing team. They have been on the phone with me many nights until 1am or 2am just devising a plan of action and contemplating ideas and thoughts. I would recommend Mike and his team to anyone who needs criminal or family representation.

— Hamid, ★★★★★

Mr. Panella is the definition of hard work and dedication. He will do everything he can, night in and day out to make sure that you get the best possible outcome in troubling times. More than happy with the level of professionalism delivered while dealing with the court system. 10/10 recommended to anyone

— Tyler W., ★★★★★

Mike was an absolute pleasure to work with an definitely knows the law. My outcome was a dismissal, and I’m glad he was brought onto my case. The guy is sharp, professional, and always available. He will break down all possibilities of your case, and advise the best outcome/scenario without pressure or making you feel uncomfortable. I would absolutely hire Mike again, but hopefully won’t need to 🙂 can’t thank him enough for his hard work and dedication to his practice!

— Ellen F., ★★★★★

OMG EXCELLENT service from Mr. Panella and his Staff, I can’t believe how much dedication they give to my case… The Best, the Best if I ever need a Lawer again DEFINITELY will call Mike Panella; Thank You

— Anonymous, ★★★★★

Prompt and courteous, affordable pricing and results oriented.

— Gary C., ★★★★★

Where do I start?!? First of Mike is someone who is not only your lawyer but a friend. He doesn’t stick his nose to anyone or judge anyone! He is truly an amazing lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone! I MEAN ANYONE! No matter the situation! He has helped not only my fiance but my brother as well. My fiance case got dismissed after he was looking at 15 years minimum!! Mike’s empathy and hard work helped him! Yall want a great lawyer you can trust? Hire Mike!!!!!

— Carissa, ★★★★★

Saved me from jail and being charged as a felon
I got detained at my job for a crime I did not commit in an incident that occurred over 1 in a half years ago. I was facing felony charges. When I reached out to mike, he wasn’t like the other lawyers. I was expecting the worse outcome. But he got all charges dismissed! I had no hope when I was sitting in jail for something I didn’t do. Thanks to mike in starting this year the best way possible!

— Joe, ★★★★★

I needed someone who is able to provide me with a peace of mind. Mr. Panella was outstanding. He is knowledgeable, professional with a high level of empathy. Thanks to Mr. Panella my case was dismissed.

— Yahdira, ★★★★★

Mike works fast I got a ticket on a commercial vehicle for using a phone Mike got me a subpoena for me within a day for my phone carrier and submitted my defense immediatly. Results got ticket dismissed and ny money back thank you Mike nuce guy responds quickly over all if you need a good attorney Pinnella firm is there for you

— Pedro R., ★★★★★

Mike is the BEST! Him and his team were able to secure the best possible outcome for my case. Just got off the phone from hearing the great news that after all the hard work they did I have no points on my license and I only owe the court $140, which is FANTASTIC news!!!! Thank you Mike! If I’m every in need of your services you are the team to call!

— Amanda B., ★★★★★

Michael Panella handled my DUI case. Throughout the ordeal, and it was definitely an ordeal, Michael was right there for me. He will return your call even if it’s well after office hours, and he will spend as much time as you need on the phone with you. After 3 months of Hell, dealing with the DUI charge, Michael was able to get the case dismissed. I could not recommend anyone more highly than Michael Panella. He is awesome as an attorney but also as a human being.

— Rawlin J., ★★★★★

Mike Panella defended me in a serious criminal traffic case in Brevard County. As a direct result of his diligence, intellect, and factual representation of the particulars of the case, I was subsequently acquitted by a jury of my peers. I would highly recommend Mike Panella to anyone seeking justice as a criminal defendant.

— Marcus G., ★★★★★

Hands down he is the best attorney in Seminole County. He pays very close attention to details, and he knew for a fact that I was innocent. I loved working with him. I will recommend him to anyone. Great job.

— Corissa J., ★★★★★

Mike helped me and my family out numerous times, he is one of the best attorneys and friends you will ever have.

— Thomas Collura, ★★★★★

Trust me… you want this guy. Smart, confident, tenacious, and motivated.

— Mark R., ★★★★★

Great attorney who is honest, professional, and excellent at what he does using integrity and his vast knowledge of the law.

— Cindy Adams, ★★★★★

Attorney Panella was outstanding. He acts very quickly and was efficient in every way possible. He responded to all my inquiries wishing a timely manner in order to resolve my issues. I highly recommend him as an attorney because of his quick response and genuine care for his clients.

— Isabella, ★★★★★

To begin, Mike Penella was hired to represent our case in such short notice, nevertheless he delivered with class, diligence, urgency and compassion not frequently seen. Mike was extremely dependable all the way to the last minute and I have never seen someone who’s so dedicated to there profession and at the same time so caring for those he represents. Do you want someone who will represent you with excellence and compassion, I highly recommend Mike Penella’s Law Firm. Truly a Blessing in Orange County. You will not regret it.

— Jose Cotti, ★★★★★

Integrity and dedication to clients is the absolute goal of this firm.

— Isam Abdalla, ★★★★★

Panella Law Firm was referred to us by a series of established law professionals, as the place to receive the service we were seeking; upon initial contact with Michael Panella, we knew we were in “good hands”. An experience of compassion, coupled with reality, Mike gave comfort and hope at a time it was much needed. We are very thankful for the service and outcome Panella Law Firm delivered. I would highly recommend to anyone in need, as we were, for effective legal council, to contact Panella Law Firm. Thanks again, Mike!

— Joseph Lopez, ★★★★★

Mr. Panella is a dedicated and passionate attorney. Glad he’s on my side!

Integrity. Kindness. Involved. Mike has shown me over and over again through the past 11 years that he deserves these adjectives to describe his personality. This may be an unusual review, I never knew him as a lawyer, but I’m addressing his merits as a person back before his career in law and my career in branding. I assure you, people like Mike don’t come along often, you can sense it when you meet them, and full heartedly believe that if you put your trust in him you will be making the right choice.

— Jupiter Compass, ★★★★★

If your looking for a lawyer that’s dedicated to what he/she does, LOOK NO FURTHER! I hired Michael Panella because I was pulled over only to find out my license had been revoked for 5 years and the cop was charging me with a felony because I was driving on revoked lisence. I was at a lost but new I had to do something that’s when I hired Michael Panella and let me tell you something I am now driving and the felony I was charged with is now gone. I hilghly recommend Micheal Panella For all your legal needs, and to Mr. Micheal Panella all your hard work is greatly appreciated, thank you so very much.

— India, ★★★★★

I needed someone who CAN HELP WITH MY CASE.. Mr. MIKE was outstanding and helpful. He is knowledgeable, professional with a high level of empathy. Thanks to Mr. MIKE my case was dismissed.

— V. R., ★★★★★

Mike Panella has truly exceeded my expectations! Since day one, he has taken the time to communicate with me, talk strategy, and has been completely supportive every step of the way. His overall professionalism both in and out of the courtroom is an A+! He is competent, reliable, respectful, and delivered results that I wanted plus more! I am so glad that I trusted him at such a pivotal point on my family case.

— Diane, ★★★★★

Where do I start?!? First of Mike is someone who is not only your lawyer but a friend. He doesn’t stick his nose to anyone or judge anyone! He is truly an amazing lawyer and I would recommend him to anyone! I MEAN ANYONE! No matter the situation! He has helped not only my fiance but my brother as well. My fiance case got dismissed after he was looking at 15 years minimum!! Mike’s empathy and hard work helped him! Yall want a great lawyer you can trust? Hire Mike!!!!!

— Carissa, ★★★★★

At the 11th hour of my life I couldn’t find an attorney to take my case because it was very complicated somebody recommended me to Mike Panella I was desperate Mike took my case and as disturbing as it was won my case he was a highly professional man who did everything possible to make what I needed possible and continues to keep updating me on the case I highly recommend The Panella lifetime as your go to attorney took all your needs I am highly impressed by his professionalism and concern and care for what needed to be done thanks Mike and thanks for reading me the Scriptures I really needed it he went be above and beyond anything and exceeded my expectations.

— Kathleen N., ★★★★★

I highly recommend Mike Panella as your next attorney he is a on the board and efficient and educated lawyer who has a high respect for the bar and his clients he has exceeded my expectations as an attorney and I couldn’t ask for better thanks Mike and thanks for the kind words from the Bible that I really needed to hear… The best law firm I have never encountered in my life my case was quite difficult and still continues to be and he still continues to stand by me Kathleen N. A very satisfied client

— K.N., ★★★★★

The best lawyer anyone could ask for

— KS, ★★★★★

Incredible! I can’t say enough good things about Mike Panella. No-nonsense, straight to the point, very professional, easy to reach and truly cares! Would highly recommend in a heartbeat to anyone looking for representation.

— Laura C., ★★★★★

I had to hire Mike for an older case that needed to be revisited. He walked me through the steps, gave me the information I needed, he even met me at appointments I needed to be at, even though he did not need to be there. He worked through my case diligently and treated me as if I was his only client. He is a professional in every sense and got my issue resolved quickly and affordably. I can’t thank him enough! If you ever find yourself in trouble with the law, Mike will get you through it!

— Chris, ★★★★★


— Lee, ★★★★★

Mike Panella was by far the most professional and knowledgeable lawyer I have ever retained. This law firm is Five Star. Got my case dismissed. Mike went above and beyond what we prepared for on my case. He didn’t let PA set the tone he controlled the entire case from beginning to end and ended with the best possible outcome. Dismissed my case I have been fighting for 13 years. I hope I never need him again but if I do he’s the man for the job.

— Robert C., ★★★★★

Mike is a man of high integrity and knows what he is doing.

— Steve D., ★★★★★

I am so grateful that I had Mr. Panella defending me. Mr. Panella went above and beyond to help me maintain my innocence. I was wrongfully accused of having falsifying a police report and prostitution. He stood by me, and fought for me all the way until the end. From the first day we worked together he never made me feel anything buy comfortable. I had one person who was on my side; never saying to me like other people: that they thought I was guilty. For that I’m honored to know him and to have had him to fight for me. Thanks to Mr. Panella for doing everything you did for me, and finally in the end getting all the charges against me dismissed.

— Nicole L., ★★★★★

Mr. Pamella is an excellent and aggressive lawyer.

— Caroline Zapiec, ★★★★★

Panella Law Firm was referred to us by a series of established law professionals, as the place to receive the service we were seeking; upon our initial contact with Michael Panella, we knew we were in “good hands”. An experience of compassion, coupled with reality, Mike brought comfort and hope at a time it was much needed.
We are very thankful for the service and outcome Panella Law Firm delivered. I would highly recommend, to anyone in need, as we were, for effective legal council, to contact Panella Law Firm.
Thank Again, Mike !

Mike is passionate about representing his clients, and does everything within his power to help garner the best results possible. If you need legal help, don’t hesitate to contact him.

— Darian McCullough, ★★★★★

I was in a chaotic legal situation and needed help. I called Panella Law Firm. I explained my situation. I literally did nothing else from there & like 30-4 days later, the criminal charges, the traffic infractions… everything was dismissed. Kinda like staying at a hotel on vacation… you come back from brunch and the mess you made, is just GONE!
Sincerely Grateful!!

— Mitch R., ★★★★★

Attorney Panella has truly caused a positive impact in my life. He was able to perform all aspects of my legal process quickly and efficiently, all while keeping me informed of the situation I was in. He was passionate about my case and made sure to provide me with the best options. I am extremely thankful for all he has done for me, and I would definitely recommend him.

Mike helped me through a really rough patch in my life. He was there for me in my time of need, and always answered the phone for me when I needed him. He got me exactly what I wanted in the court room. He is the lawyer you need!

— Michael S., ★★★★★

Mike Panella and Huda went above and beyond to make us feel very confident. We walked out of court with nothing more than a parking ticket. Mike Panella Law firm truly cares. I am so grateful. I would recommend this law firm a thousand times. A billion times.

— Karin N., ★★★★★

Mike is the MAN… he is there all the time in the trenches and gets everything done that needs to be. Realistic and fair…..my personal and business needs will stay in 1 place ….WITH HIM

— Chris M., ★★★★★

Great straight forward firm. Mike knows what he is doing.

— Donna D., ★★★★★

The best lawyer you need. Delivers results and exceeds.

— Joseph R., ★★★★★

THE BEST LAWYER I KNOW. Highly recommend

— Verka, ★★★★★

Trust me….you want this guy. Smart, confident, tenacious, and motivated.

— Marcus P. Collier, ★★★★★

He’s very thorough and and compassionate about his work,he makes you feel like you’re a somebody,I expect him to go places,maybe the next Perry Mason,He’s one of the good guys

— John F DeRossett, ★★★★★

Mike is a man with integrity, who truly cares about people, honest, truthful and loyal. I have known him for 12 years. He will fight with everything he has if he believes in a person or a cause.

— Marie T., ★★★★★

An extremely responsive, knowledgeable, compassionate and client focused attorney who helped my family when we needed him.

— Kelvin O. Crumby, ★★★★★

I was recently arrested on a case dating back more than 12 years ago. I hired an attorney to represent me and was assured that the case was dissolved. After hurricane Irma I came to Florida to work and was pulled over and discovered I had a warrant dating back to 2005. I was held on a no bond hold and extradited to Vero Beach. I hired Mike Panella to represent me and within days I was granted bail and released from jail just days before Christmas. My attorney was on the case like nothing I have ever seen before. He remained in constant contact with me and strategized with me to come up with the best case senerio for my specific charges. His understanding of criminal law is second to no one. He not only gave me real advise and an understanding how serious my charges were and what the outcome could be. He never gave me false hope or over promised on what he could deliver. He is a very serious and motivated attorney with a specific skill set that can win cases and keep your criminal record clean. My outcome was case dismissed. I can’t explain how happy I am and excited to not have those charges staining my future but I truelly feel like every dollar I spent was more than worth it and I hit the five star treatment from a real power attorney. Mike Panella is one of the best lawyers in South Florida and believe me when I say this you need this man to represent you if you want a real fighting chance at dismissing your case or being found not guilty. Even the judge complimented him and his knowledge of the law and judicial system and told him he hopes to see him in his court room again soon!!! Panella Law Firm is definitely going to be a force to be recogned with and Mike will defenitley be winning cases all over south Florida for a very long time.

— Dean Cannon, ★★★★★

Best lawyer! Honest and brings results! Got my case dismissed!

— Joe, ★★★★★

I thought I was never going to get out of my situation, my case took a toll for the worst and my family suffered for it. I was angry and felt overwhelmed with the system but Panella Stuck by me til the end (case dismissed). Thank you so much Panella Law Firm I really appreciate it.

— Amy, ★★★★★

Mr. Panella is polite and professional

— Derrick W., ★★★★★

Mike is super passionate about his clients and the law. He is willing to go the extra mile and is highly recommended!

— Lauren Dee, ★★★★★

Mike is a smart and proficient lawyer. He does his best to meet all of his clients needs.

— Reggie Thimothee, ★★★★★

Wonderful, honest, professional attorney who knows the law inside and out and is great at what he does. Very dependable, communicative, and responded to any questions asked in a swift manner. Will definitely call on him again if I need legal services in the future.

— Cindy, ★★★★★

Panella Law Firm goes above and beyond when it comes to their clients. I have seen first-hand the hard work, dedication, tenacity, and knowledge that comes out of Mike Panella and his firm. Not only does he deliver for his clients, but Mike treats each one of them as his most important priority. The level of care and respect he gives to those he represents is something not typically seen in today’s legal environment. I’ve seen him take the time to listen to his clients without judgement, and defend them in court without reservation. No matter how ‘small’ the charge is, Panella Law Group will fight for you with all available resources (and there are a lot) and with a fervor like none-other. If you or someone you know has a legal issue that needs to be settled, there is no one better than Panella Law Group!

— Chris Sileo, ★★★★★

Highly recommend. Passionate, caring, great communicator!!

— Jocelynn Gabriela Tobar, ★★★★★

Mike is a man of high integrity and knows what he is doing.

— Steve Doerr, ★★★★★

Attorney Mike Panella successfully represented us on a battery charge, which was truly a self-defense matter. When he took our case he told us what to do, step by step. He totally believed in us, and went to the fullest extent. Attorney Mike Panella is passionate about his job, confident, and totally cares about the people he represents, and we recommend him to anyone.

— Steven A., ★★★★★

Mike Panella is someone who understands his clients, addresses their needs, and makes sure that they know he does everything in his power to garner the best results for them.

— Darian McCullough, ★★★★★

Mike has shown me over and over again through the past 11 years that he deserves these adjectives to describe his personality.

This may be an unusual review, I never knew him as a lawyer, but I’m addressing his merits as a person back before his career in law and my career in branding. I assure you, people like Mike don’t come along often, you can sense it when you meet them, and full heartedly believe that if you put your trust in him you will be making the right choice.

— Paul, ★★★★★

Michael and his secretary Ms. Huda were absolutely wonderful. Jumped on my case immediately and in absolute excitement had my case resolved in my favor. They’re great people and I couldn’t have been any more thankful for them. Thank you guys again.

— Kelly O., ★★★★★

Hire Panella law firm if you want aggressive counsel that WILL get the job done.

— Maldoando C., ★★★★★

During an unfortunate experience, I was hoping to find legal assistance. I am grateful for contacting the Panella Law Firm. The staff represented the epitome of professionalism. My case was quickly reviewed and my attorney maintained swift correspondence with me throughout the entire process. Due to their experience and persistence, my case was resolved in my favor. I would certainly recommend retaining this firm. I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

— Zac O., ★★★★★

Mike and Huda are a phenomenal team. I have had a legal battle spanning 7 years. During this time, I have retained attorneys in multiple states (6 attorneys) before I found Mike and Huda. I reached out to them on a Saturday and after having them read my case history (5 hrs worth of documents) they called me back that same Saturday night to discuss their strategy. I retained them the next morning and Mike noticed himself on the case that day. In the first week, they squashed one of the legal battles. They they prepared the highest quality motion I ever seen from an attorney within two weeks of being retained. We received a court date shortly after and actually might have a legal case which has dragged on for years, come to a close in a short 2-3 month timeframe. It was not until Mike and Huda took over as the legal team that I felt secure and safe for my daughter. Mike and Huda will go above and beyond for their clients. I have never met a law firm who will work so hard for their clients. I am forever grateful to Mike and Huda for their tenacity and work ethic. In closely, when you interview attorneys, you need to find one who listens, comprehends, and follow through with a work ethic unlike anyone else. There is a reason why these two are some of the best attorneys I ever came across. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone who needs a criminal or family lawyer. Thank you again Mike and Huda!!!!

— Richard B., ★★★★★

Mike was fantastic all around- leading up to the case and in our hearing!! 100% recommend him for your case!

— Casey D., ★★★★★

I was absolutely mortified and embarrassed when I was arrested for a DUI. Then to find out it was ENHANCED with increased penalties shattered my world! Luckily I was referred to Mike Panella by a close friend and I was impressed from the start. He will stand by you and fight this thing all the way! Enhanced DUI reduced to a Reckless Driving with everything cut in half and NO DUI Enhanced FINE!!! Please before you go anywhere else, look to Mike Panella for any legal help. I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed.

— Camilo F., ★★★★★

This is my first time being in trouble with the law, I was incarcerated for some serious aggravated battery charges with a person that has manipulated the system and Mr.Panella and Huda were able to over turn the serious felony charges since I didn’t receive adequate council to begin with and give me another chance to try my case again. If I had to do it all over again I would have started with them from the very beginning. They have been with me throughout this terrible journey and really made me feel strong enough to overcome this. They have gone above and beyond any attorney would ever have. I am truly very appreciative for all of their time and effort that they have put into my case.

— Leslie G., ★★★★★

I must say they’re the best to go thru for your needs. I had a feeling to just check my drivers license and I seen a pending suspension on my CDLS from a red light ticket. I almost panic and then I searched google for the best lawyers to take care of traffic citations in the Orlando area. I found them, for sure who indeed represented me was very helpful! RIGHT AFTER MY HEARING I GET A CONGRATULATIONS….IT WAS DISMISSED TEXT! I’m so HAPPY about my results because that could’ve added points to my CDLS and it would’ve been hard to get great insurance for my trucking business…it would’ve been hard to provide for myself and family. Thanks again and I will forever have you guys in my pockets!!!

— Ava, ★★★★★

Where do I begin? Panella Law Firm has been a blessing. Mike is absolutely amazing. I would recommend them 1000% over. He has help my brother in law, my friend and me with our own individual cases. If you want results, go here!

— Tony, ★★★★★

Mike Panella won my case! Mike is an amazing attorney, super smart and experienced and also an overall great guy who genuinely wants to do what’s best for his clients. I recommend Mike to all of our family and friends looking for legal representation so thought I’d share here too. He is the real deal and a class act.

— Sarah, ★★★★★

The best lawyer I’ve ever used. Very competent and his staff is the same. Don’t use anyone else if you want someone who will handle your sensitive issues with care and professionalism.

— Maria, ★★★★★

Panella law took a bad situation and turned it around into the best possible outcome. We could not be more thankful for there expertise in the handling of the case.

— Kathleen, ★★★★★

Peer Endorsements

He provides absolutely great legal service. Knowledgeable. Efficient. Passionate.

— Nathan Nevins Relationship: fellow lawyer in the community

Mike is super passionate about his clients and the law. He is willing to go the extra mile and is highly recommended!

— Lauren D. Relationship: Fellow lawyer in the community

Michael has worked cases that made the national spotlight and brings a lot to the table. He is a smart, sincere, and skilled lawyer. I endorse Michael!

— Jonathan Spellman, Criminal defense Attorney Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Mr. Panella and I were co-workers during his time spent at the 18th Circuit Public Defender’s Office. I witnessed firsthand his commitment and dedication to his clients’ cases. In private practice, he continues to be an excellent advocate for his clients in the community. If you are seeking legal advice, I highly suggest reaching out to Mr. Panella. You won’t regret it.

— Jean-Pierre Gilbert Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Mike Panella is a top-notch criminal defense attorney. His dedication and availability to his clients are unsurpassed.

— Stephen McCullers, Environmental and natural resources Attorney Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer. Great in trial. Great negotiator. Care for his clients.

— Christopher Waggener Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I fully endorse Michael Panella for the areas of criminal defense and traffic law. I have had the opportunity to refer cases to him and I am impressed with his results and the attention he gives to his clients and other attorneys in the community.

— Charlotte Erdmann, Tax Attorney Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Michael is an excellent advocate for all of his clients. He works tirelessly for great results.

— Matthew Baker, Criminal defense Attorney Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Michael is a real bull dog. He will fight on your behalf as if his life depended on it.

— William Hancock, Violent crime Attorney Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Mike Panella is an excellent criminal defense lawyer. I worked with Mike on a serious criminal case and he was outstanding. He was very responsive to the client and his family, answering questions and making sure they knew exactly what was happening. Mike was diligent in his work and developed defenses that the average lawyer would not consider. I sincerely endorse Mike Panella.

— Thomas Sommerville, Criminal defense Attorney Relationship: Worked together on matter

I endorse this lawyer. Mike gives his all. He works diligently and truly cares about his clients and getting justice for them.

— Patricia Cashman, Criminal defense Attorney Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

I endorse this lawyer. We have worked together on a few cases and he is dedicated to his clients.

— Dione Fletcher, Criminal defense Attorney Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

Michael has a thorough knowledge of his field, is a skilled advocate for his clients, and always brings a compassionate and personal style of representation to his work.

— Amanda Tullidge, Real estate Attorney Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community

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Attorney Mike Panella

For Mike Panella, the concept of zealous advocacy developed at an early age – fueled by what he perceived to be an unjust resolution in a personal family legal matter. Mr. Panella would later attribute his passion to defend the rights of those who stand accused to those inequities in the legal system he observed, and considered unjust. Before opening Panella Law Firm, Mr. Panella served as an Assistant Public Defender for Florida’s 18th Judicial Circuit Public Defender’s Office and worked hundreds of cases in both Brevard and Seminole Counties. Mr. Panella was undefeated at trial. [ Attorney Bio ]

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