How to Beat an Obstruction of Justice Charge

Don’t Accept Obstruction of Justice Charges

How to Beat an Obstruction of Justice Charge in Orlando

Obstruction of justice is a broad category that includes crimes like perjury, resisting, and trying to escape police custody. For example, even obstructing an officer while he is engaged in “legal duty” can equate to a criminal arrest in Orlando, FL under certain circumstances. While mere words are usually not enough to result in the crime of resisting, that does not change the fact you might find yourself under arrest anyway. Additionaly, a person with knowledge of a crime may fear for their own wellbeing should they betray the criminal. Panella Law Firm’s legal team will make sure to share your side of the story in court.

What counts as obstruction of justice?

There are many ways to be charged with obstruction in the Orlando, FL area. Committing perjury or attempting an escape from police custody are clear instances of obstruction of justice. Some other examples include:

  • Tampering with evidence
  • Resisting arrest
  • Assaulting or battering a law enforcement officer
  • Disobeying law enforcement
  • Providing false information to law enforcement

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All of these can be done accidently or in an act of self-preservation. Whether you were wrongly charged or you committed an act of obstruction (knowingly or unknowingly), Panella Law Firm can help set the record straight. Contact our legal defense team and we’ll talk about your options to beat an obstruction of justice charge.

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