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To trespass doesn’t simply mean ignoring posted notices and entering someone’s private property. Simply setting foot on school grounds in Orlando, FL without a legitimate cause to be there is trespassing.

Panella Law Firm has handled countless trespass cases. If you’ve been charged with trespass on property, call Orlando, FL’s premier legal defense team.

Burglary isn’t what you think

Get rid of the image of a hooded figure breaking into homes in the dead of night. Burglary covers a wide range of criminal acts. Below are a few facts about burglary in the Orlando, FL area you may not be aware of:

  • The type of building doesn’t matter. Burglary can be committed anywhere, whether it’s a private residence, an office building or a tent.
  • Being invited inside doesn’t change the crime. A guest who remains inside a dwelling without permission of the owner can still be charged with trespassing or burglary.
  • The building doesn’t need to be inhabited. Entering an empty building to commit a crime is still considered burglary- even if the property has been abandoned.

Don’t let a burglary conviction stain your record. Call an Orlando burglary lawyer at Panella Law Firm for help today.

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