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We Will Use Our Experience with Murder Cases to Build an Effective Defense

When you face a murder charge, which is one of the most serious charges in the American legal system, our Orlando homicide lawyers are ready to fight aggressively to protect your rights. At the Panella Law Firm, we do not shy away from tough cases, providing our clients with high-level criminal defense services. We will advocate for your rights throughout the process through the criminal justice system.

Those charged with homicide can feel alone. But you do not have to go through such a difficult legal battle on your own. Time is short, and you need the best defense possible. Contact our Orlando homicide lawyers at Panella Law Firm as soon as possible at 407-233-1822 to start the process. Ask about our proven record of winning and find out how we can help you.

How Our Orlando Murder Lawyers Can Help Defend You

Rely on Our Skilled, Reputable Homicide Lawyers

Murder cases are highly complex. Our team knows the challenges in building a successful defense, but these difficulties do not deter us. An effective defense starts with a thorough investigation of what happened. Understanding how the death occurred and your possible role in it helps us craft the proper defense strategy.

Because so much is at risk when you face any type of murder charge, you should have an experienced homicide lawyer at your side. Attorney Michael Panella will explain what the charges you face mean; he will leave no stone unturned to investigate every detail of your case, and he will explain your options and which one he believes will lead to the best outcome in your case.

Our Homicide Lawyers Will Determine Whether Justifiable Circumstances Existed

In some cases, our murder lawyers will look for clues as to whether the death involved justifiable or excusable homicide. Such circumstances create an unusual case, giving us a chance of arguing that law enforcement should not accuse you of murder.

For example, Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law (Florida statute 782.02) allows for one person to use deadly force when another person is trying to commit a felony against him or her. This may occur if you are defending yourself after another person attacks you with intent to do significant harm. If that person dies at your hands, we can build our defense around those facts.

Attorney Michael Panella crafted a successful defense strategy in the State v. George Zimmerman case and in State v. De Rossett. Learn how our winning approach can help you in your homicide case.

Sometimes, law enforcement may believe that the death doesn’t meet what’s found in the stand-your-ground statute, leading to a murder charge. If the death occurred in self defense, we can build a case that shows you were within your rights to defend yourself. Call our murder lawyers in Orlando today at 407-233-1822 to discuss the details of your case.

Our Orlando Homicide Lawyers Will Question the Evidence Against You

Another potential defense strategy of our homicide lawyers involves closely examining the evidence against you. Law enforcement can make mistakes during the investigation. Perhaps an officer did not follow the proper methods for handling evidence, leading to a mistake.

Our Orlando homicide lawyers can collect the facts in the case to show why this charge is wrong. We will examine all reports related to the case, looking for inconsistencies in the assumptions of the prosecution. We will interview witnesses as well, seeking to find evidence that creates doubt about the murder charge.

This is one of the reasons why hiring an experienced murder lawyer at Panella Law Firm is so important. We can recognize errors in evidence when they occur, and we will be ready to use this to your advantage.

Negotiating for a Lesser Charge in Your Murder Case

In some cases, the best way for our Orlando murder lawyers to serve your interests is by negotiating with the prosecutor for a lesser charge. Our Orlando homicide lawyers excel in negotiating with prosecutors. They will go into the negotiations with a strategy and an end goal in mind that we’ve developed in tandem with you. Understand that you always will have the final say on agreeing to any negotiated plea bargain our homicide lawyers are able to reach with the prosecutor.

Trust Panella Law Firm with Your Murder Case

Our murder defense lawyers at Panella Law Firm have a reputation as tough and aggressive criminal defenders. We know that our clients are facing some of the most difficult days of their lives when they hire us. We know that you do not put your trust in us lightly, and we take that responsibility extremely seriously.

When you are facing a charge as serious as murder, the prosecutor needs an airtight case against you. It’s our job to use the facts to create a reasonable doubt about the charge in the minds of the jury and judge.

We do not back down from aggressive prosecutors, whether we’re sitting across the negotiating table from them or we’re facing them in court. We believe in the right to a fair trial for all defendants. To explore your legal options, contact our highly experienced murder lawyers today at 407-233-1822 for expert legal assistance. Attorney Michael Panella will be ready to go to work immediately.

Understanding the Different Murder Charges in Florida

When speaking with law enforcement after an arrest, you may become confused about the charges you’re facing. Investigators may use quite a few different terms when discussing potential charges.

Ultimately, the prosecuting attorney will make the final decision about the exact charges to file. Investigators attempt to collect facts that help the prosecutor build the case. They also may make recommendations about the charge to file. However, until our Orlando homicide lawyers see an official charge from the prosecutor, we will not know exactly what charges you are facing. Some murder charges carry a greater level of punishment, so understanding the exact charge is extremely important (see Florida Statute 775.082).

Most Serious Murder Charges

If prosecutors decide that the murder occurred with premeditation, they can submit a first degree murder charge. This is the most serious charge possible.

A second degree murder charge would accuse you of intentionally committing a dangerous act that leads to the death of another person. This charge does not mean you started out with the intention of killing someone. But it’s still a highly serous charge.

If prosecutors believe you were committing a felony, and this action led to the death of another person, a third degree murder charge is possible. Perhaps the investigators say you caused the death while committing assault. The death was unintentional, but your decision to commit the illegal act that led to the death was intentional. In such a situation, it is essential to seek legal representation from an experienced felony lawyer who can effectively advocate for your rights and build a strong defense strategy.

Other Charges in Florida Related to a Crime Resulting in a Person’s Death

Some other charges that are possible if prosecutors believe your actions played a role in the death of another person include:

  • Manslaughter: If police believe the other person’s death occurred because of your negligent behavior, a manslaughter charge is possible. This could include providing illegal drugs to another person, leading to a fatal accident.
  • DUI Manslaughter: If police believe you drove drunk, causing a fatal accident, prosecutors may settle on a charge of DUI manslaughter. This charge is possible even if you did not start out intending to cause harm to another person. The potential penalties are serious.
  • Vehicular Homicide: When police believe you drove your car recklessly and caused a fatal accident, vehicular homicide is a possible charge (Florida Statute 782.071). You do not need to purposefully intend to cause harm. But you may have been texting and driving, which led to the fatality.

Even though these types of charges do not carry the same level of punishment as first, second, or third degree murder charges, they remain extremely serious. Our murder defense team will investigate these charges as seriously as any other murder charge you could be facing. It’s also possible that our homicide lawyer’s best strategy will involve using a plea bargain to reduce a first or second degree murder charge down to manslaughter.

What Happens if You Face Attempted Murder Charges

If no death occurred in the case, it’s possible that prosecutors will determine that a charge of attempted murder is appropriate (Florida Statute 782.051). Don’t assume that an attempted murder charge simplifies your case, though.

Attempted murder penalties are only slightly less harsh than murder penalties. This means a conviction on attempted murder may leave you facing a long prison stretch.

In a case involving attempted murder, the prosecutor is accusing you of taking all of the steps toward committing a murder. However, the intended victim doesn’t suffer a fatality. The victim could suffer significant injuries, but he or she survives.

Attempted murder cases can have multiple complexities, just like a murder case. Our homicide defense attorneys will use many of the same defense tactics and techniques that we use in a murder case. We take an attempted murder charge extremely seriously. We will prepare to defend you to reach the best possible outcome in your case. If you face attempted murder charges, don’t risk your future.

Call Attorney Michael Panella at 407-233-1822 to get the best defense possible from a skilled and experienced murder lawyer in Orlando.

How Our Orlando Homicide Lawyers Can Help if You Face a Conspiracy to Commit Murder Charge

Another related charge that carries stiff penalties is a charge of conspiracy to commit murder. Florida Statute 777.04 addresses this charge. In this case, the prosecutor is accusing you of working with another person to attempt to kill someone. Prosecutors have the ability to add a conspiracy charge to another charge of attempted murder or first degree murder, leaving you facing significant penalties.

The conspiracy charge for murder is extremely serious. Because another person has involvement, the facts in the case will be highly complex. Investigators may try to convince you or the other people involved to testify against the others, which can complicate your defense.

It’s possible that investigators have misread the situation. Perhaps your involvement was minimal. Or you may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time, making it appear as though you played a role. Our murder lawyers will investigate every detail of your case to prepare a defense that shows this, working toward helping you receive a favorable outcome.

Contact Orlando Homicide Lawyer Michael Panella to Discuss Your Case

A lot is at stake when you face a murder charge, including your very life. In the state of Florida, a murder charge is a capital felony, which could lead to a sentence of being put to death or life imprisonment. Lesser penalties are possible, too. Depending on the circumstances in your case, our strategy may involve trying to ensure that you have a reduced sentence, which can mean that strategizing for a plea deal is best. Our homicide attorney’s extensive experience means you’ll be provided with full details about your options as well as which one we should build a strategy around pursuing. Other times, the facts in the case support the strategy of pursuing a dismissal of the murder charges or to win a not-guilty verdict in court.

Our Orlando homicide lawyers will steer your case in the direction that provides you the best chance of avoiding the most serious charges and penalties.

At Panella Law Firm, our murder defense attorneys will be ready to begin your defense as soon as you choose to hire us. Call us at 407-233-1822 to discuss your case. Our team will treat you with the respect and professionalism that you deserve. We will aggressively fight for your rights in negotiations with law enforcement and prosecutors, as well as in court. Your future depends on choosing the best murder lawyer to represent you. Call us now.

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