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If you or a loved one has been convicted at trial, and you feel that something in the trial was unfair, or you did not receive adequate legal representation, there may still be hope. It may be possible to appeal your conviction to a higher court for review of the legal decisions made in your case. In some cases, this may lead to a new trial, a reversal of your conviction, or other relief.

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, mistakes are made during the trial. It’s possible that a good judge may have made a bad evidentiary call. Perhaps crucial evidence to your defense was improperly excluded, or evidence that should not have been permitted at trial was heard by the jury. Some other potential reasons for an appeal include discovery of new evidence that could not have been discovered with due diligence at the time of your trial, juror tampering, recanted witness statements, or inadequate attorneys.

There are several types of appeals in Florida. “Extraordinary Writs” can in certain circumstances be filed with a higher court to review decisions of a lower court prior to the final resolution of a case. A direct appeal is generally your first appeal after a conviction at trial. Finally, a post- conviction appeal may be able to attack matters collateral to evidentiary rulings at trial such as “ineffective assistance of counsel” claims.

You must act fast. There are strict time limits that apply to appealing your case. In many cases you have 30 days from the date of the court’s order you are appealing, or the verdict at trial. If you are considering an appeal, call an Orlando appellate lawyer at Panella Law Firm now to begin the process and preserve your rights.

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