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No one wants to go through a divorce. They are often messy, complicated, and highly contentious. Yet, for some couples, a divorce is the only way forward. And for couples with high assets, things can even be more complex. For this reason, individuals going through a high-asset divorce should hire an experienced Florida high-asset divorce attorney to represent them.

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Panella Law Firm has represented numerous clients in high-asset divorces and understands the stakes involved. From the time the firm takes your case all the way to the final divorce decree, you can expect Attorney Michael Panella and his team to do what it takes to protect your interests.

Choosing Panella Law Firm means choosing a firm with:

  • A tough founding attorney who knows how to fight
  • A formidable team of legal professionals
  • A record of excellence in litigation and trial work
  • Compassion, empathy, and understanding.

Panella Law Firm is a smart, aggressive, and caring law firm that is ready to meet with you and listen.

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How High-Net-Worth Divorces Differ from Standard Divorces

High-net-worth divorces in Florida differ from standard divorces due to the presence of valuable assets that must be divided. These assets contribute to an already contentious situation and sometimes create unique problems of their own. The end result is a process that mirrors standard divorces in form but typically requires much more effort and resources.

More Disputes

High-asset divorces in Florida create more disputes between soon-to-be ex-spouses. Issues such as hidden assets and misrepresentation of an asset’s true value come up often as each party fights to resolve asset disputes in their favor.

More Time

Because of the high value and number of assets in divorces of this nature, more time is needed to come to an agreement. For example, the process of gathering, inventorying, and appraising all of the marital assets is often a gargantuan task in high-asset divorces. This phase is not nearly as daunting in standard divorces. Seeking guidance from a  Family law attorney in Orlando can be crucial in navigating these complexities.

Higher Legal Costs

The more time it takes to resolve a high-net-worth divorce in Florida, the more legal fees each party will spend. So spouses preparing for high-asset divorce must be aware that the typical divorce costs will be higher than for a standard divorce, especially if there is much dispute over the assets.

More Complex Alimony and Child Support Issues

The typical high-net-worth divorce in Florida often involves contentious child custody and spousal support issues. Some couples are able to sidestep some of the complexities with pre- and post-nuptial agreements. However, even with these agreements, high-asset divorces sometimes get mired in drawn-out disputes dealing with child and spousal support. In such cases, a knowledgeable Child support lawyer can become an invaluable asset, providing guidance through the intricate.

More Complex Assets

If you are going through a high-net-worth divorce in Florida, your marital assets will likely be one of the most heated points of contention. Typically, both parties want to make sure that they part with at least their fair share of marital property, and in some cases one spouse wants more than their fair share.

Additionally, the types of assets involved in high-asset divorces in Florida are often more complex than those in standard divorces. This makes the division of assets a bit more challenging and time-consuming.

Some of the common assets involved in high-asset divorces in Florida include:

  • Real estate, including investment properties and primary residences
  • Luxury goods, such as speed boats, vehicles, and jewelry
  • Business assets, such as commercial real estate and business equipment
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Business profits and capital gains
  • Offshore assets, such as investments and deposits in foreign banks.

You must also factor in the time it takes to uncover hidden assets. To prevent the other spouse from receiving certain property, one or both spouses might hide the existence of assets. Discovering them often takes financial and legal expertise and lots of time.

How We Can Help

We Take the Lead

Divorces are trying and frequently contentious. Yet they are necessary for many couples. But if you are going through a divorce, you don’t have to handle everything on your own. At Panella Law Firm, we manage every aspect of your divorce proceedings so you don’t have to.

Some of the many tasks we accomplish when representing you are:

  • Handling all paperwork and documents efficiently and effectively
  • Providing helpful legal advice and guidance
  • Ensuring a proper valuation of marital property
  • Negotiating property division and spousal support terms
  • Ensuring parental interests during the child custody stage
  • Working through complex divorce issues and concerns.

During this difficult time in your life, you need a professional who is willing and able to fight for your interests. At Panella Law Firm, we work vigorously to protect our clients and ensure their interests are truly represented in the final divorce decrees.

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Protecting Your Assets During a High-Asset Divorce in Florida

At the end of the day, both spouses want to ensure that they receive an equitable division of marital property. And in some cases, one or both spouses want to punish the other by preventing them from acquiring certain assets. So spouses are rightly concerned about protecting their interests during high-asset divorces, and there are many ways they can do so.

Hire an Attorney

The most optimal way to protect your interests during a divorce, especially if you’re searching for divorce lawyers in Orlando, is to hire an experienced Florida high-asset divorce attorney. No matter how amicable your breakup is, it is important to realize that you have significant interests at stake that need immediate protection.

Carefully Review Pre- and Post-Nuptial Agreements

With a Florida high-asset divorce attorney guiding you, review your pre- or post-nuptial agreements to understand the full ramifications of the provisions.

These documents are like marital statutes that must be obeyed in the event of a divorce. However, they must also have been created in a certain way to be considered valid. Your Florida high-asset divorce lawyer will analyze your agreements to make sure they were created correctly.

Gather All Marital Spending Information

Property that was purchased during the marriage and that benefits both spouses is typically considered marital property. Marital property is divided during the divorce, so make sure to have records and receipts for all marital assets.

Frequently Asked Questions

High-asset divorces are complex and provoke many questions. Some of the more common inquiries we receive and their answers are listed below. Please call us for answers to any other questions you have.

Do I need a lawyer for a high-asset divorce in Florida?

To truly protect your interests during a high-asset divorce in Florida, you should hire an experienced high-asset divorce attorney to represent you. The stakes are simply too high in any divorce — but especially in high-asset divorces — to go through the process without a high-asset divorce attorney representing you.

How can I find out what my spouse makes?

In some marriages, spouses do not share income information with one another, or they lie about it. If you want to find out how much your spouse really makes, you can review their tax return information or their direct deposit statements. You can also hire a forensic accountant to find out.

How long does a high-asset divorce take in Florida?

Because of the presence of high-value assets, high-asset divorces in Florida tend to take longer than divorces with standard assets. That said, the main factor that determines how long a divorce will take is how much the couple agrees on the issues raised by divorce. If the divorce is largely uncontested, it will take less time than a contested divorce.

Will our marital property be split 50/50 down the middle?

Not necessarily. Florida divides marital property equitably, which does not always mean 50/50. The courts might find it more equitable to give one spouse more assets than the other, depending on the circumstances.

What can I do if my spouse is threatening to take all of our financial assets?

If you have entered into a discussion about divorce and your spouse is threatening to take assets, contact a lawyer immediately. An experienced divorce attorney can help ensure that your spouse does not take or hide assets that should be divided.

For more information and answers to your questions, call our office to speak with an experienced Florida high-asset divorce lawyer.

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Divorce is unfortunate, but it is a way for people to move on in life, and it is often unavoidable. Fortunately, a Florida high-asset divorce lawyer can help individuals navigate the often stressful divorce process all the way to a satisfactory end.

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