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Going to a college like the University of Central Florida involves learning from professors, research and peers, but it’s not all about academia. Life lessons and critical social skills are refined, and a good amount of understanding one’s self occurs as well. Unfortunately, not every learning experience in college involves perfectly harmless situations. A number of experiments and experiences can actually land someone into a lot of hot water very quickly, especially in Central Florida.

Drinking and use of illegal drugs can seem like a great way to spend a Friday night, but getting arrested for the same can be a nightmare the rest of the weekend and for years afterwards, which is why consulting a drug case lawyer is essential to protect your rights and navigate the legal process effectively.

Given the prevalence of drugs in just about every community, you may think that minor drugs are ignored. However, Florida law enforcement doesn’t take that approach, and college students make very viable targets for a couple of reasons. They are very likely to pay all the fees and penalties involved, unlike indigent arrestees; and students make a very good deterrent when they get paraded in arrests and put in front of news photographers. Help from our defense lawyers can have significant importance to the future of University of Central Florida students.

If you’re a UCF student facing criminal charges, call Panella Law Firm. Attorney Mike Panella is a UCF alum and is ready to help students at his alma mater by offering them a 25% discount. Call our team at 407-233-1822.

Florida Law Has an Extensive Reach

Don’t leave your future to chance. Get help from a skilled defense lawyer.

Drug Charges

Drugs that can lead to an arrest under Florida law include everything from popular college choices, such as marijuana and Ecstasy, to far harder drugs, such as heroin and PCP. Drug violations and felonies also include the use of prescription drugs without direct and clear permission to do so. Some of these otherwise legal drugs are Vicodin and Codeine which are common pharmaceuticals used for sports injuries and pain relief.

Criminal activity doesn’t necessarily require ingestion, either. Students can be arrested for simple drug possession as well as transfer of such drugs if they don’t have legal documentation showing authority to do so. A UCF student facing drug charges needs the help of a skilled criminal defense lawyer
, without delay.

DUI Charges

Drinking is also a high-risk activity for students and their friends, whether visiting on campus or gathering nearby. There’s no question that heavy drinking and college living go hand in hand, particularly on party night and weekends. However, when you combine that activity with driving, serious ramifications can occur.

Drinking under age is illegal and can result in penalties. But when one both drinks and drives, an arrest can lead to much more serious penalties than a citation for simply being drunk in public. Driving under the influence can trigger a serious felony charge, as well as the likely suspension of a driver’s license and the potential loss of one’s vehicle. A DUI charge will easily set a student back thousands of dollars in court fees and penalties and could result in jail time.

A Quality Defense Lawyer for University of Central Florida Students Can Protect Your Future

If you’re a college student arrested for drug possession and/or use in Central Florida, or for a DUI, getting help from a skilled criminal defense lawyer as early as possible is critical. Some students make the mistake of assuming they can talk their way out of things, only getting themselves in deeper trouble.

If you’re arrested on criminal charges, don’t harm your future by thinking you can defend yourself. Get help from our experienced defense lawyers.

Heavy Penalties for Drug Crimes in Florida

Irrespective of common social trends, both federal and state penalties can be extremely harsh, with long-term effects on a college student’s life. The system doesn’t have much sympathy for one’s future after conviction. And Florida is one of the most strict states in the U.S. for drug violations. The state is considered to have become a gateway for drug trafficking in the country in the last two decades, so law enforcement cracks down hard on drug crimes. In Florida, even possession of a small amount of some drugs can turn into serious time in jail and a very different future than most UCF students expect.

Criminal charges can be realized for a wide array of violations beyond just using the drug itself. That includes possession, movement (transport), conspiracy, aiding and abetting, possession with intent to sell, possession of tools to use drugs with, drug selling, drug delivery, drug fabrication, crimes committed due to drug use or possession, drug affiliation, gang affiliation, and quite a bit more. As a result, a student finding himself or herself in a bad spot could be facing far more than a single charge. If a case goes to court, it’s very likely to include multiple charges to make sure something sticks and to convince the defendant to settle quickly with a plea bargain.

DUI Charges Don’t Get Light Treatment Either

Some students think that minor DUI offenses get a pass. They won’t. DUI charges in Florida can also be multiple. They can include vehicle violations, the DUI itself, harm to others, and additional penalties because of the notoriety of a DUI crime. Prosecutors like to make examples of DUI defendants to deter the behavior in general as well as to try to discourage repeat offenses. Our DUI defense lawyers for University of Central Florida students will help you get fair treatment rather than being used as an example by the justice system.

Drug or DUI charges pose a serious threat to your future success. Don’t leave your future to chance. Call our team at Panella Law Firm today at 407-233-1822.

A Defense Lawyer for UCF Students Approaches Arrests Case by Case

A number of legal strategies can be used by a sharp defense lawyer for UCF students. In some cases, diversion programs allow first-time offenders to attend a drug or alcohol treatment and training program. Successful completion can wipe out a charge entirely, without leaving a criminal record, which is the same as being found innocent without the trial.

Alternatively, if the evidence in a case can be seriously challenged, it may be possible to have the charges dismissed. Many prosecutors rely on plea bargains and try not to go to trial given the work involved, but there’s no guarantee that your case won’t be the exception. An experienced and skilled defense lawyer is key to a successful outcome. Each case is different, and only a good criminal drug and DUI attorney can evaluate your case and advise which strategy is the best option in your situation.

25% Discount for UCF Students Who Need Our Criminal Defense Attorneys

Attorney Mike Panella is a UCF grad and is dedicated to providing UCF students with his high quality criminal defense services. He understands that college students are already under financial stress, so the added burden of legal bills can be difficult to manage. This is why UCF students needing legal help from Panella Law Firm can get a 25 percent discount.

If you’re a UCF student who needs criminal defense assistance now, call 407-233-1822 to set up a consultation. The earlier, the better, when your future is at stake. Attorney Mike Panella can help you, even if it seems like your case is all but a foregone conclusion. Trust in his skill and experience to protect your rights.

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